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View the search process - our quality control check to clients. See how we monitor the timetable and recruitment targeting during the search and keep you informed with summaries of who is on the longlist.


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Our reputation has been built on providing innovative, flexible, successful recruitment solutions for critical hires - on budget and with timely completion - in developed and emerging international markets.



Read what our clients have to say and what we have achieved for them by recruiting great CEOs, MDs, Sales, Finance, Operations, Manufacturing, Engineering, HR and Business Development Managers.



Only a rigorous process leads to a targeted shortlist

All too often a critical hire does not lead to enhanced shareholder value, or to a measurable and positive change in the business concerned. This is why your search partner should set out and follow a clear and well documented process that gives you transparency, an open book approach, with clearly defined candidate criteria and targets. Farn Williams have followed such a process from start-up in 1993 and we follow it today. By identifying all possible candidates, approaching them on your behalf and systematically qualifying and screening them, the shortlist you get is chosen from the widest pool of talent, and then refined to those that meet your criteria and are motivated to change jobs for the right reasons. That, in our opinion, is the right way to go about it. If you do everything possible with the right techniques and you don’t cut any corners, you are more likely to succeed.

Headhunters need to get on the phone, not stay online

The core job of a headhunter is to shortlist the best available talent for their clients, to help them select a new employee from this list and to assist with ensuring an offer is accepted and the chosen candidate joins. In order to do this well, it's vital to engage with people at a personal level right from the start of the process, rather than trying to automate the recruitment and sourcing through social and business media. Of course, both candidates and companies search for people and opportunities online - but if this is your primary channel to market – whether to source talent or to find new opportunities, then you are fishing in a pond, not in an ocean. To be messengers of your opportunity, your headhunters have to deliver the message personally, otherwise how can you know that the message has been received? Search and Employ - the art of headhunting.

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Call us today to interview local and international candidates in your markets. We provide access to the best talent - in your locations, from your industry sectors, motivated byt he opportunity to join you.


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